ivy107 is my project home

I diverse myself in the activities and projects I take part of. However, I often find thats is hard to put what I can do on a resume...
So I built a website.

“I feel like every project I work on is a dream project, so long as I am learning.”

― Simeon Kondev

Creating the task at hand

Every project has a story behind it. And often time those stories have lessons behind them. When I have an idea for a product, it always stems from some issue or problem I encounter. Instead of saying, “I wish there were a tool to help me…” I say:

“I’m going to make a tool to help me…”
and then I get to work.

First, it all gets laid out on paper. Then I take to CAD modeling and rapid prototyping (RP). After several trials of mechanical faults, programming errors, and making the aesthetic just a little more appealing, then and only then can it start to resemble a finished product. I don’t believe products and projects can ever genuinely be complete because they can always be made better; there can still be upgrades. Maybe I can add a cup holder to it. Who knows?

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